Stile Doors

Stile exterior doors - a home business card

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of Stile type exterior doors, made of glued laminated timber. We have these doors in the most popular and functional variants, namely 68mm, 78mm, or 88mm thick. They are covered with pine plywood or waterproof with oak tree. Their center is filled with a 32 mm thick thermal insulation panel, which guarantees proper protection from cold. Thanks to a solid and durable construction, they are extremely resistant to the passage of time and resistant to various types of damage. Hydrodynamic coating means that the paint has much more vividcolors and is much more long-lasting and durable. The highest quality of materials - including paints and varnishes - means that after years the door does not show any chipping or loss, and that the door color does not fade with time. This is very important , especially from the outside, which is constantly exposed to changing weather and weather conditions and should be properly secured and protected.

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External doors - safety and comfort

All our doors are subjected to a variety of tests of their strength and anti-burglary capabilities. Thanks to this we are sure that the product that we offer our clients meets the highest requirements. All our doors are richly equipped with systems that block different kinds of balancing tests, and the right quality of materials, including the hardness of the wood guarantees that they are very durable also in case someone tries to smash them. The construction of individual door models with different thicknesses is similar to each other . They differ mainly in the thickness of the individual layers used inside the materials, which can significantly improve not only thermal insulation and protection against low temperatures, but also safety.
There are, however, parameters that can not be measured by any measures and general tests. This type of experiment is carried out on an ongoing basis by our clients who, by choosing specific door models, are also guided by their appearance. This study, however, clearly tells us that the designs we create are for a large group of people. Their appearance is designed by an experienced team of designers who constantly correspond to the latest fashion and create modern designs combined with a stylish design. That's why our doors are so good and you like them so much!