Twin Doors

We would like to present you our latest offer of hybrid type entrance doors, available in multiple variants - types of wood and colors. We have doors of the best species of pine and oak. We manufacture them in three of the most popular and the most universal thickness standards, i.e. 78mm, 88mm and 100mm. The doors we offer can be adapted to your needs. For dimensions up to 212 cm high and 112 cm wide, no additional surcharge for an oversize product is necessary.

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Our hybrid doors are a top quality product, equipped with all recognized security systems , such as anti-theft frames and hinges adjustable in various dimensions. This allows you to reduce the risk of burglary and ensures security at the highest level. The use of high quality wood makes them look better, but also better protect against any attempts of intrusion. The basis for the production of a solid product is quality control, which takes place at every stage of operation. Thanks to this, we can confidently say that our products are the top products in this category currently available on the market.

Doors that will fit anywhere

Our doors are used not only in homes, but also in hotels, public institutions, companies and all facilities that need effective design, good finish and proven protection. The protective panels used inside give a very high sense of security, because they are specially designed to protect against breakage andsmash at all costs . Fashionable designs make the interiors look even more effective. In fact, the external entrance door has a huge impact not only on the decor of the rooms where they are located, but also on our general way of looking at the building, which threshold we cross. Our constructions are a combination of functionality and efficiency, thanks to which a product that looks like a premium really is. They are made only from the best materials that guarantee their durability and consistency for many years. The use of high-quality paints and varnishes ensures that their color will not fade, and unwanted chips will not appear on the surface. It is known that thanks to external doors we can present ourselves and our building much better , because it is its integral and very important, striking fragment. That's why it's worth showing off the best side, and eye-catching doors that act like a business card will definitely help. We encourage you to choose the best doors from our offer!